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Shake a Hand, Make a Friend, and Get Paid!

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

The first chapter in my book is Law 1 “Build Relationships”: 10 Laws of the Ultimate Rainmaker; Shake a Hand, Make a Friend and Get Paid! 2.0 is all about the importance of building long lasting relationships. I cannot take credit for coining this phrase “turn contacts into contracts”, but I use it quite often.

This is hands down one of the skills any sales professional must master, the art of making potential clients friends or trusted expert to help them solve problems and make money! Your initial meeting has to be all about them and how you the trusted expert can help them solve problems, sleep better at night and eventually make more money for them. Too often, we want to impress them with fancy PowerPoint presentations, trash the competition, and tell them how great we are and that you and you alone have ALL the answers. Stop playing and fooling yourself my friend. People see through your act, because they have seen this circus a thousand times.

You have to become an intentional listener, armed with questions that you have all about helping them sleep at night, solve their problems and help them make more money. As simplistic as that sounds, studies show that most sales people either will not take time to master this skill set or never learned it.

It is not too late. Start today by really caring about your potential clients and existing client’s needs. Make it a point to set aside an hour each week to “touch” a client. This is an email, text, or phone call to check in with them. Maybe it is their birthday, anniversary, or son or daughter in the paper for a sports accomplishment. It is imperative to “touch” every existing client 6-12 times per year. Jeffrey Gitomer tweeted once “If you make a sale, you can earn a commission. If you make a friend, you can earn a fortune.”

Relationships are essential to a Ultimate Rainmaker, Rainmakers want to consistently hit their sales goals and earn money for themselves and their families! Rainmakers also know that this does not happen with out solid relationships with their clients.

Listen; make each sales appointment about the client and their needs, not about you or to make a sale. This will increase your sales closing ratio 10 fold, I guarantee it!

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