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10 Beliefs of Top Sales Producers

A while back, I read an article by Tom Black, author of "The Boxcar Millionaire." He shared his list of personal beliefs that he's observed in top salespeople and not surprisingly" having the right attitude" is crucial to being Top Sales Producers(T.S.P.) Here is his 10 (not in chronological order) of his edited beliefs with my personal experience / explanation included!

1. Top Sales Producers believe that people are as happy as they want to be.

T.S.P have very positive attitudes and can usually bring out that same spirit in others we come in contact with. We believe that you chose to either think positive or negative thoughts.

2. Top Sales Producers are persistent even in the face of disappointment.

T.S.P realize that every sales call won’t result in a close, but they have

take -a –ways, like did I get a referral, did I get a second meeting scheduled? We don’t have Wins and Loss’s we have Wins and Learns!

3. Top Sales Producers constantly improve learning new knowledge and skills.

T.S.P are always looking for an edge, buying books, attending seminars and webinars. American companies last year spent 7.1 Billion dollars on sales training alone. EVERYDAY seek to learn something NEW.

4. Top Sales Producers think BIG even when dealing with the small-minded.

T.S.P are always looking for the next BIG close, meeting or opportunity. We always surround ourselves with other positive thinking people. We believe in ourselves even when those closest to us can’t see or share our VISION!

5. Top Sales Producers are truly committed to being of service to others.

T.S.P have a “What have I done for YOU lately” attitude. We always are looking for ways to pay it forward. When we make service to others, a part of our daily routine, our relationships and ultimately our sales will increase.

6. Top Sales Producers are willing to leave their comfort zones.

T.S.P are risk takers, period. We know to get what you never had you have to do what you have never done. This may be the most difficult belief for most to embrace and achieve.

7. Top Sales Producers are consummate professional and behave accordingly.

T.S.P know that selling profession is a 24/7 LIFESTYLE! We are always out selling, or we are getting out sold!

8. Top Sales Producers accept change as a part of life, willingly and completely.

T.S.P expect that something will go wrong, so we anticipate all scenarios going into a meeting or presentation. We are always extremely flexible.

9. Top Sales Producers make decisions quickly and then take immediate action.

T.S.P are not procrastinators. We know that time is money, OUR money. Our motto is it happens today or it happens tonight!

10. Top Sales Producers take full responsibility for my performance.

T.S.P will NEVER point the finger at someone else on team. If it is to be, it is up to me. That is how we stay sharp and focused on our GOALS!

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